Kiku Bonsai Drainage Screen Repotting Mesh Discs

Posted by Andrew Youtz on

Bonsai Pot Bottom Screen Repotting Discs

Hate taking the time to cut drainage netting to fit while repotting your bonsai?  Our newest product solves that for you.  Bonsai repotting screen discs are pre-formed plastic discs ready to use.  Each disc is about 1.75" in diameter which will cover most bonsai pot drainage holes.  Too big for ya?  They can also be cut down to size if necessary.

Available in packs of 35, these discs are made of a durable plastic that withstands the elements for years.  The holes in the mesh are 3/32", making them perfect for most bonsai soil.

Dimensions: 1 3/4" x 1/16"

If you are in the market for some drainage screen, give them a try HERE.


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