Wholesale Distributor of Superthrive

Posted by Andrew Youtz on

We are proud to announce that we are now a wholesale distributor of Superthrive.  I know, I know, Superthrive is kinda like soil.  Everyone has an opinion.  Some think it is snake oil, others love it and use it regularly. 

I have had the pleasure of studying with two individuals that use it very often.  One uses it primarily after repotting bonsai the other uses it as a foliar spray for their trees once a week.  Both professionals have amazing show quality trees.

Up until now I have not used superthirve, but I have plans to use it when repotting and weekly as a foliar spray.

The ingredients are a secret and nobody knows for sure what is in it, but some say it is just vitamin B.  

Their newest product is a pre-mixed and ready to use foliar spray.  This is super handy for those that don't wish to mix their own and spray every week.  It is especially useful to those that only have a few trees.

I will try to post again with results towards this time next year.

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