Kiku Professionally Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire

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Kiku wire is striving to produce the best copper bonsai wire available in America.  99.9% pure solid copper wire is professionally wound to the appropriate size rolls (larger than most) to help eliminate the hardening of the wire as you uncoil it.  This is less important in the smaller sizes which is why the smaller sizes have tighter coils.  Each coil is wound to a precise weight resulting in consistent rolls.
The wire is then taken to a professional metal hardener that has been heating metal for 40+ years.  He also happens to be a bonsai guy so he knows good wire.  Here the wire is heated to the appropriate temperature to make the softest copper in the states.  The wire is then pulled and carefully cooled through a proprietary process that significantly reduces the scale or black coating you find on some annealed copper wire.  This black scale can "spray" off the wire as you use it causing eye injury.  We do our best to keep this to a minimum, especially on larger sizes where spraying is much more common.  This also makes for a cleaner bonsai experience with less black on your hands after wiring.  If you are wiring a pine, you obviously don't care about this as your hands will be destroyed by the end anyway.

Each roll is inspected, re-bundled and tagged with a Kiku label and small wrap of Velcro to keep your wire together after the zip-ties and label are removed.

Cheaper annealed copper wire is readily available, but none that combine the quality, softness, cleanliness and love that we put into this wire.  We intentionally made this wire to higher standard. If you are looking for the best copper on the market, look no further than Kiku Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire!


 Copper Feet Per KG (approximate)
Wire Guage Feet Per 1/2 KG  Diameter (mm)
#22 665 .64
#20 375 .81
#18 230 1.02
#16 144 1.29
#14 93 1.63
#12 58 2.05
#10 35 2.58
#8 22 3.26
#6 15 4.11
#4 8 5.19

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Kiku Copper Wire
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  • If using on a small Japanese maple outside. What guage should I get? Branches are at most 1/2 inch thick to much less.

    In general if you are wireing a deciduous tree, you use aluminum bonsai wire.  It is cheaper and will be less likely to strip the bark off of the tree.

    Size all depends on the branch that you are wireing.  If you plan to fully wire the tree, you will likely need many sizes.  Generally speaking, you use wire about 1/2 the diameter of the branch you want to bend for aluminum wire.  For copper wire you should use wire that is about 1/3 the diameter of the branch.

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