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SuperFly Bonsai's Monterey Pine Bark
Pine Bark is commonly used in bonsai as an additive to soils. This pine bark is aged which causes it to break down much slower than standard pine bark.  In tests, this bark has been know to last up to 10 years in a pot.  Our pine bark is the perfect addition to non-organic bonsai soil as it will provide an organic element that wont break down which allows beneficial bacteria to thrive.   The perfectly sifted bark complements standard bonsai substrate size and aids in drainage unlike other organic elements.  Pine bark will also retain moisture while not compacting the soil.

Partical Size
From 1/16" - 1/4"

Is It Dirt?
No. Bonsai trees do not like "dirt" and will in most cases die if left in dirt over long periods of time. This is similar to a substrate.

What Is In It?
This is the bark from a Monterey Pine Tree grown in a renewable man planted forest in New Zealand.  The bark is aged to make it harder which allows it to last in a bonsai pot for many years. 

How Do I Use It?
Repot your bonsai tree in this mixed with other bonsai soil amendments to promote great moisture retention and drainage. Be sure your bonsai pot has holes in the bottom covered by bonsai mesh.
Each micro climate may require different amounts of water. On very hot/dry days you may need to water two/three times while around freezing you may need to water just once per month. Push your finger 1" into the soil and feel for moisture. If it is dry, it is time to water.
2.5 Qt = @ 12 Cups
1.25Qt = @ 6 Cups

  • Ready To Use - Perfect Size For Bonsai Soil
  • Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention - Provides an Organic Substance In Non-Organic Bonsai Soil For Beneficial Bacteria To Thrive On
  • This is high quality aged Monterey Pine Bark - Lasts Up To 10 Years Without Breaking Down
  • Easy Zip Resealable Bag (1.25 and 2.5 Quart Bags) - Simply tear off the top then reseal the easy to close resealable bag over and over until you are ready to re-order soil.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not 100% happy with this product, we will refund you in full.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello! What is the pH of the pine bark?

    The PH ranges from 5.5 to 6.5.

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