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SuperFly Bonsai's Boon Mix

This mix is the most commonly used and accepted mix by bonsai professionals around the world. Here in the United States it is known as "Boon Mix" after Boon Manakitivipart who pushed the mix to promote better bonsai tree health in America.  Some also refer to it (in the northeast) as "Franks Mix". 

Is It Dirt?
No. Bonsai trees do not like "dirt" and will in most cases die if left in dirt over long periods of time. This is substrate.

What Is In It?
The primary components are Akadama, Pumice and Black Lava. We also added a bit of Horticultural Charcoal and Decomposed Granite. These components have been found over time to provide the best drainage, water retention, nutrient retention and air circulation possible to promote healthy bonsai.

1/3 Japanese Hard Akadama - is a clay like component that is excellent at retaining water.  It also is the only substrate in this mix that breaks down allowing roots to grown in it's place  Akadama is the primary component that allows nutrients to bind in the soil and be used by the tree.
1/3 USA Pumice - is a volcanic byproduct that is excellent at retaining water.  Retaining water is it's primary function.  Pumice can also bind some nutrients.
1/3 USA Black Lava Rock - is also a volcanic byproduct that basically is used for soil structure and for airation.
Horticultural Charcoal - was added to harbor beneficial bacteria and add humic acid in the soil.  Some say it cleans impurities, but this is likely very minimal if it happens at all.  The minimal amount added would do very little to clean impurities.
Decomposed Granite - adds weight and structure.


Particle Size
We sieve this mix to a size of 1/16" - 1/4".  This has been found to provide the best water retention, drainage and aeration for most trees.

How Do I Use It?
This is "real" bonsai soil. Be sure your bonsai pot has holes in the bottom covered by bonsai mesh.
Each micro climate may require different amounts of water. On very hot/dry days you may need to water two/three times while around freezing you may need to water every week or two. Push your finger 1" into the soil and feel for moisture. If it is dry, it is time to water.

  • Pre Mixed & Ready To Use - Sifted Prior To Bagging - 1/3 Hard Japanese Akadama - 1/3 Pumice - 1/3 USA Sourced Black Lava - A Bit of Horticultural Charcoal & Granite Added
  • Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention - This mix is used by bonsai professionals around the world and has been found to drain well while holding the proper amount of moisture that bonsai need.
  • Non-Organic Mix - This mix is "real" bonsai soil and is made up of primarily non-organic components (no dirt, bark, mulch, etc.). This is really substrate. This has been found to provide optimal drainage, water retention, nutrient uptake and air to the roots (which they love).
  • Easy Zip Resealable Bag (1.25q and 2.5q bags) - Simply tear off the top then reseal the easy to close resealable bag over and over until you are ready to re-order soil.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not 100% happy with this product, we will refund you in full.

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Ask a Question
  • How big of a pot will 6 quarts fill?

    6 quarts is about 1.5 gallons.

    It will fill a pot that is about 12 x 12 x 2.5"

  • I got this for my bonsia and I have a few succulents can I use this soil. Thank you

    This will work great for succulents.  Please keep in mind it may be very different than your current suculent mix.  I have a specialty high end succulent grower that uses almost this exact mix for his little succulents that go for $100+ each.  He waters once per week, but said the type he has can go up to a month.

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