BonsaiMax™ Bonsai Fertilizer

BonsaiMax™ Slow Release Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

BonsaiMax fertilizer will give your bonsai an immediate boost and then  continue feeding over the course of 1-2 months (depending on temperature and the amount the tree is watered).   

BonsaiMax fertilizers are designed to "melt away" a little each time you water.  This is a super easy and reliable way to steadily fertilize bonsai.  No dangerous chemicals to worry about or mix and no little plastic balls left behind in your soil, just organics.
Natural ingredients from the sea are the primary ingredients to formulate the perfect fertilizer for different stages in bonsai development.  You also don't need to worrry about damaging the environment with BonsaiMax like you do with chemical fertilizers.

BonsaiMax Solids Formulas:
Push - 12-4-5  For Pre-Bonsai and to push overall plant growth.
Maintain - 5-7-4  For developing ramification and maintaining developed bonsai

 BonsaiMax Solids Forms:
 Pellets For Substrate based soil (Boon Mix, Aoki, Pumice, Lava, etc.)
 Granular For organic type soil that contain high organic content

The use of Natural based fertilizer allows your soil to maintain beneficial microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, protozoa and nematodes that help plants thrive.  Because BonsaiMax ingredients are organic based, they do not interfere with the soil environment and allow it to flourish.  Chemical fertilizers kill off most if not all microorganisms and do not promote a natural environment within the soil.

Natural based fertilizers may grow some mold in the week after application.  This is normal and it will subside in a few days.  Mold also may be a sign of overwatering, lack of proper air flow and/or highly organic soil that is not normally ideal for most bonsai species.

Use during the growing season for the type of tree you are growing.  For example, in the Central-Northeast you would likely use this once per month from about April through August.  For tropicals, you would likely fertilizer every month throughout the year.  Place fertilizer under moss to minimize moss burn caused by pretty much all fertilizers.

Ideal when used with out BonaiMax Enhance kelp based liquid spray/water/drench.


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