Slow Release Natural Based Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets

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Superfly Bonsai Slow Release Bonsai Fertilizer

Our fertilizer will give your bonsai an immediate boost and then maintain feeding over the course of 1-2 months.  Our free scoop makes it super easy to measure fertilizer according to bonsai pot size. 

NPK Choices For Different Needs

Push - 12-4-5 For Fast Growth Of Foliage, Trunks and Branches.
Maintain - 5-7-4 For Maintaining Developed Bonsai & To Assist In Ramification Of Branches
Prepare - For Preparing Bonsai For Winter Storage.  Low Nitrogen.

Use during the growing season for the type of tree you are growing.  In the northeast we use this every other month from April till about October for conifers and deciduous trees.  For tropical trees we use this fertilizer year round with 4-5 applications yearly.  Place fertilizer under moss if used on your trees.


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    Ask a Question
    • Can this fertilizer be used simultaneously with other fertilizers or should it be used alone

      It can be used alongside of other fertilizers.  I do suggest carefully reading other fertilizer warnings to be sure it does not interact with anything in our fertilizer.  Our fertilizer is natural based, so does not contain chemicals.  We use this in combination with liquid kelp, hb101 and superthrive.  We do not use any chemical fertilizer on our trees.

    • Do I need to worry about the white mold that grows on the pellets?

      Mold growing on the fertilizer in the week or two after it was applied is totally natural.  The mold should grow only white in color.  The fertilizer is organic so it attracts anything that breaks down organic material, including beneficial bacteria and mold. The mold will go away usually within a week as it will break down and digest the part of the fertilizer it was after in the first place.  I notice this is more common in our nursery pots with organic dirt type soil and with high side walls. The excessive moisture from the soil and lack of air from the walls of nursery pots seem to give the mold optimal conditions.  Mold has a tough time living with good air flow and without water so I don't commonly see it on my show trees and other trees that have been moved to a boon style soil mix (akadama, lava, pumice).  Most of our bonsai are moved into our Professional Mix which is a Boon style ALP mix.

      This is common with nearly every good quality organic fertilzer.

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