Takumi Bonsai Pots

Takumi pots are one of my favorites.  Andres gets his inspiration from the master at these pots, Erik Križovenský.  Andres creates his pots in a similar fashion.  Andres creates a structure from wire then covers it with a weather resistant 4 season special concrete.  With his artistic touch, the pots come out looking very earthy and natural.

Andres's pots are red or brown with some black/green/grey sprinkled in.  I personally like the red and brown pots as it opens these up to be better suited to more species.

We get Takumi Pots from Andres several times a year.  These pots normally sell pretty fast.  If you want to know when they arrive in the future, follow us on Facebook or check back here often.  We are working on keeping a stock of these all year round.

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