Work Stands

Looking for good old American craftsmanship for your bonsai endeavors?  Look no further than Superfly Bonsai's work stands.  Mechanical genius Roger Lehman designed these years ago for Meco Bonsai and continues to make them with the same great attention to detail as he always has.

We carry three different workstands with top options.

1.  The table top workstand - designed to be sat on a table.

2.  The delux workstand - designed to be placed on the ground.  This workstand is very portable and cab be taken with you fairly easily.

3.  The Castor workstand - Heavy duty with locking castors.  This one is designed to be moved around your bonsai studio loaded or not.


Each of the workstands have 2 top options.  The HD top and the standard top.  The HD top is heavy duty and should last many years.