Bonsai Cash For Superfly Bonsai Video Product Reviews

Posted by Andrew Youtz on

If you are looking for more $$$ towards your bonsai addiction, I may be able to help.  

For every VIDEO product review you do on any product purchased from Superfly, I will send you a $25 gift card towards  It's that simple.


A few rules:
1.  Videos must be sent to me.  The best way to get videos to me is Dropbox.  If you don't have it, there are other ways
2.  Videos must be at least 2 minutes long.  Take up some of the time with things like an introduction, how it is used, what you used it for, where you got it and some of the features and benefits of that item.  If you fall a little short let me know.
3.  Videos must be the review of 1 single product
4.  No Cursing
5.  You agree to give me full rights to the video by sending it to me.
6.  Cell phone videos are fine.  Please try to make them in HD and as steady as possible.  Tripods are great if you have one.
7.  You don't need to be in the video, but can be.  Just the product and your voice is necessary.
8.  Limit 4 per week.  If you plan to do more please contact me.

9.  Please film horizontally if at all possible.


These videos will primarily be used on my site under the products they go with.  I may also post them to YouTube, Facebook or possibly other places.  I will need your email to send gift cards.


I don't care if you are new to bonsai or a seasoned bonsai master,  just do your best.

I may end this promotion at any time so be sure to get on it while its available.

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