Chili Pepper Bonsai Seed Kit - Bonchi

Posted by Andrew Youtz on

We just released a product that is super exciting.  Our Bonchi Kits provide everything you need to grow your own bonchi.  Bonchi is a combination of bonsai and chili.  There are a bunch of species of chili pepper that lend themselves to bonsai, we chose three that are perfect.  Each of these three types develop awesome bark, small leaves and small fruit (chili's).

We currently have 2 levels of bonchi kits.  Our level 1 kit includes just the basics - seeds, pots, soil, plant markers, quick start guide, bonchi book and we threw in a pair of shears/wire cutters.  Our level 2 kit is a little more advanced and includes seeds, germination pots, bonsai pots and trays, germination soil, bonsai soil, plant markers, fertilizer, quick start guide and a bonchi book.

The book was written by Bruce Rhea whom has grown thousands of bonchi over the years.  His techniques throughout the book provide everything you need to know to develop awesome bonsai for yourself.  One of the best parts is that you can have an awesome bonchi in 1-2 years.

This has been added to our Traditional bonsai kit and soon we will have a tropical bonsai kit available.

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