About Us


After years enjoying the hobby of Bonsai, Andy Youtz started Superfly Bonsai to supplement his income.  It all started with a single bonsai soil mix known as Pro Mix.  This soil quickly gained popularity and more mixes were added to meet the needs of different trees, climates and personal preference.  Within the first year of business Superfly had 8 soil mixes with many size options and another 40 bonsai related products for sale.
In February of 2018, Superfly Bonsai merged with Meco Bonsai, a well known powerhouse in the bonsai supply business.  With the products Superfly produced and the new Meco Bonsai products Superfly now offers over 350 bonsai related products to both the wholesale and retail market.  
In June 2018 we moved all operations to a large warehouse in Harrisburg, PA.  This allowed us to be more efficient for phone and online customers.  We still have people stop out and pick things up and will maintain a showroom at this location.
Along with the merger with Meco came the well known Kiku tools brand.  Kiku tools have been around since 1962 providing both superb quality Japanese professional grad tools and some of the highest quality Chinese tools made with Japanese steel.  Superfly Bonsai will continue to offer the best bonsai products and amazing selection at shows around the country and through their online store.  With a commitment to excellent customer service while maintaining a presence in the bonsai community, Superfly Bonsai hopes to help develop and improve bonsai in America.