Hugo Zamora Luna Bonsai

Hugo's first approach in the world of bonsai, was through a basic bonsai course at the age of 16.  Hugo has been involved in bonsai for over 24 years.  In 2000, he started demonstrations and presentations at the local congresses in Mexico City.  Not long after Hugo started working at different places around the countryside.  Hugo has been teaching courses since 2001 and was the Mexican Bonsai Federation Didactic and teaching leader for 6 years. Hugo Zamora Luna - Bonsai Professional
Hugo Zamora Luna
Hugo studied in Tokyo with Japanese Bonsai master Kunio Kobayashi, one of the most respected and well known bonsai masters in the world.   After completing his apprenticeship with master Kobayashi in 2015, Hugo continues to travel back to Japan for several months at a time to work at Shunkaen Bonsai Museum.  Returning to Tokyo with Mr. Kobayashi on a regular basis has allowed Hugo to continue to practice the art of bonsai at the highest level.
Hugo was a Demonstrator of several important Bonsai events around the world including the Latin American Bonsai Federation Congress twice and he will be a 2022 World Bonsai Congress demonstrator in Australia.  Hugo travels have allowed him to acquired a broad knowledge of conifers, deciduous, tropical species, dead wood, compositions, landscapes, etc., from the most classic and orthodox to new and creative trends.   Hugo Zamora Luna - Bonsai

Kodama Bonsai Studio - Hugo Zamora LunaKodama Bonsai

Hugo has traveled to more than 20 different countries around the world as a judge, curator of private collections, demonstrator and teaching workshops mostly in Latin America, Europe and some Asian countries.  This mix of styles, tree varieties, schools, techniques, philosophies and cultural combinations make his work very versatile with a unique viewpoint on bonsai.  His experiences from around the world allow Hugo to travel the earth teaching "Bonsai with Soul".
  Superfly Spooktacular Bonsai Event - Hugo Zamora Luna Hugo will be one of our guest artist for our 2021 Superfly Spooktacular held on October 30th.  The event is free and will be a great time to learn, shop, socialize and fill your belly.
This year we will be having a "Dia De Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) themed event with the food and attire to go with it.  We also plan to have a few classes with Hugo around this event.  If you missed this event, you can check out our other events on our Superfly Event Page.
Hugo will be joining us for Superstank 22022.  We are super excited to have Hugo back demonstrating at Superfly Bonsai Harrisburg.

Hugo works with us at our Harrisburg, PA facility and our bonsai farm in Floral City, FL.  Hugo's vast experience has helped us develop trees to a much higher standard.  Keep an eye out for Superfly Blueberries fall 2022/spring 2023  These are 15 year old blueberries prepped for bonsai.
 Hugo Zamora Luna - Superfly Bonsai Superstank 2022

 Hugo Zamora Luna - Pine Hugo's Bonsai Work Hugo Zamora Luna
Hugo Zamora Luna - Cascade Juniper Bonsai Hugo Zamora Luna Pine Bonsai Giant Juniper Bonsai - Hugo Zamora Luna