Repotting Your First Bonsai Tree - Bonsai Tree Repotting Tips

There can be a lot of confusion regarding repotting your bonsai.  One of the primary causes of bonsai death for people new to bonsai is improper repotting or repotting the tree at the incorrect time of the year.

There are three types of bonsai trees including conifer, deciduous and tropicals.

Generally speaking all deciduous need to be repotted in the spring directly prior to bud break (after bud swells it then pops open with new leaves).  You will significantly reduce the chances of your deciduous tree surviving if you do not re-pot at this time of year. Do NOT repot a deciduous tree over the summer.

A conifer is normally repotted directly after the deciduous trees.  Conifers can be repotted most of the spring without any problems.  Sometimes it may be necessary to repot a conifer in the fall.  Be sure to wait until the heat of summer is over and be sure you still have time before the freezing of winter if you choose to repot in the fall

Tropicals are normally repotted when they are growing the strongest.  In general tropicals get repotted all summer long, they love the heat.  Repotting outside of the heat of summer could result in the death of your tree.