Employment at Superfly Bonsai

If you have a love for bonsai and are looking to do what you love, look no further.  Come to work and spend the day exposed to bonsai.  You will work with the products, plants and people unique to the bonsai world.   and plants from the hobby you love.  If any of the positions below interest you, fill out an application and get it back to us. We are expanding quickly and will need bonsai enthusiasts to help us grow.

In 2018 we doubled our warehouse and productions space.  In 2019 we added a small nursery.  In 2020 we are working on expanding our nursery 600%.  We currently have over 575 unique products not including ceramic pots and trees.

Current Full Time Positions we are Looking To Fill in 2020:

  • Nursery Manager/Bonsai Professional
    This position will require someone with a great deal of experience with Bonsai.  This person would have in depth bonsai training or similar experience.  An apprentice returning from Japan with a minimum of 2 years in would be an ideal candidate.  It would be great if a candidate would have a horticulture degree.  This person may end up teaching classes someday if I ever offer them.  They will also work closely with any visiting artists which we have at least 6 coming this year (Mauro Stemberger (3-4 days), Will Badly(2 days), Owen Reich (2+ days), Sergio Cuan and Adam Jones (2+ days). 
    Our nursery manager will have the ability to manage all nursery employees which at this time is only a few, but future plans may require several more to care for trees and the nursery in general.
    Our nursery currently is pretty small consisting of a few hundred trees.  We plan to fill the majority of our nursery this year with a variety of materials from all different sources throughout the country.
  • General Labor
    This is the most common position at Superfly.  This candidate is not required to have any specific skills, but bonsai knowledge and enthusiasm are helpful.  I guess you do need to be friendly and customer service focused also.  This job entails just about anything.  Most of the time you will be mixing, bagging and packing soil and other products we sell.  You would likely help out in the nursery with trees, watering and other misc things.  This position could get you into all sorts of different tasks around the warehouse and nursery.  You would likely help set up for local shows and all of our events.  Someone interested in bonsai is a plus and would gain experience with bonsai from some of the best artists in the world.  This person would also do stuff like sweeping, light construction, moving, loading, carrying, trash, organizing and nearly anything else you can think of.
  • Office Assistant 
    This candidate will have knowledge of computers.  Many tasks every day involves computer work from data entry to updating website products.  This person also should be willing to do many tasks that may not specifically be associated with an office.  Experience with computers, programming, Microsoft Office, advertising, graphic arts and photography are all helpful.  An extra plus if you are interested in bonsai as well.  I would like to have our office assistant answer phones, greet and possibly check out customers depending on the situation.  We would prefer all positions at Superfly are able to lift 50 pounds, but I may be able to work with someone that can't.

We are growing fast and many positions I am filling now I expect will have opportunities to advance quickly.  As we grow, I will need people to manage employees in the different departments.  Hard work, dedication and a love/excitement for what you do will be rewarded.

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