Employment at Superfly Bonsai

We are looking for great people with great attitudes that actually want to come to work each day.  This is a very unique place to work with a variety of different jobs for different types of people.  Everybody that works here works closely with all the other employees.  We are like a small family, especially since limiting our location to employees due to COVID-19.

In 2018 we doubled our warehouse size.  In 2019 we added a production warehouse and added a small nursery.  In 2020 we expanded our nursery 600%.  We currently have over 600 unique products not including ceramic pots and trees.  Some of our products are made right here in house while others are imported from all over the world.  We are striving to grow and provide the best products, prices and service in the bonsai industry.

Current Full Time Positions we are Looking To Fill in 2020

  • Shipping
    This candidate must have basic knowledge of computers.  The majority of the day you will be pulling products, packing them in boxes, printing labels, answering the phone and customer service emails.  You will likely also ring people up at the register occasionally.  This position along with all others here can be cold at times and will be hot during the summer.  You MUST be able to lift 50 pounds, sometimes repeatedly.  Experience with Microsoft Office is a plus.

We are growing fast and many positions I am filling now I expect will have opportunities to advance quickly.  As we grow, I will need people to manage employees in the different departments.  Hard work, dedication and a love/excitement for what you do will be rewarded.

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