Superfly Bonsai Home Page

Superfly Bonsai is currently closed online and at all locations.  We are not taking orders and have no store hours.  We thank you for your business over the years and hopefully someone will pick up where we are leaving off with Superfly.

If you are looking for akadama, lava, pumice and kanuma, you can check out  They have some akadama in stock now and  have Lava, Hyuga Pumice, Kanuma arriving late February 2024.  They will also have ALP (akadama, lava, pumice) mixed soils in early March ready to ship.

Locally to Superfly, Natures Way Harrisburg has some akadama that can be bough in store on Fridays and Saturdays along with nearly anything else bonsai related.  If you were our customer and not theirs locally, you have been missing out.  Natures way has a HUGE listing of great classes, but they tend to sell out.  Act fast.

If you are looking for plastic bonsai pots and some pretty cool wire caddies, all made in the USA, check out  They are home to The Wire Condo wire caddy and Bonsai Shoes plastic pots with mesh bottoms.

I will try to get a better list of places to get mail order supplies on this page soon.