Product Photographer


Superfly Bonsai Product Photographer

To be a successful Product Photographer, you should have extensive knowledge of cameras, camera accessories, and possess good time management skills. You are taking photographs of products that our customers will view to determine if they will purchase. It is very important that the Product Photographer has an excellent eye for detail and creative design.

Product Photographer Responsibilities

  • Preparing and cleaning up the studio ever day
  • Capture and process images until you achieve the desired results
  • Create product listings on the website and add photographs and videos
  • Capture multiple photographs of products, 360° photos, 360° videos, event videos and photos, and social media videos and photos
  • Work to improve image quality using various programs and editing methods
  • Use, maintain, and care for camera equipment (cameras, lenses, etc.)
  • Arrange objects, scenery, lighting, background, etc. to meet specific requirements for certain platforms (ex: Amazon)
  • Research product to better understand how to photograph it
  • Assisting with inventory of specific items
  • Other duties as assigned which could include tasks for any department
Product Photographer Requirements
  • Photography experience is a must, product photography experience a plus
  • Extensive knowledge of photography, cameras, and equipment
  • Attractive portfolio
  • Ability and willingness to learn Iconasys and Shutter programs
  • Photoshop experience a plus
  • Good time management skills and ability to work with limited supervision
  • Professional and courteous demeanor
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Responsible and punctual
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Compensation: $13-16/hour
Reports to: Cecily Staub (Office Manager)
Status: Full-Time, Non-Exempt with occasional evening, holiday, and weekend