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New Wholesale Customers
If you would like to place a wholesale order or get more information, please follow these steps:

1.  Sign Up for a Customer Account HERE.

2.  Use the contact us form to let us know that you would like a wholesale account.  Please provide your State Sales Tax ID# or EIN if your state does not issue tax exempt numbers.

3.  We will set you up in our system as a Wholesale Customer and all pricing on our site will change to the wholesale price when you are logged in.

4.  Place an order.  We thank you for your business!


Meco Customers
Superfly Bonsai completed the purchase of Meco Bonsai in late February of 2018.  We are honoring all of Meco's wholesale prices and customers for the foreseeable future. 

We value our wholesale customers and will do everything in our power to provide the same great service, prices and products that Roger has for so many years.


Custom Soil Mixes With Custom Labels
Superfly Bonsai can sieve, mix, bag and label your custom soil mix and have it delivered to your door custom branded and all.  Sizes include 1.25Q, 2.5Q, 6Q and 12Q (13.22 Liter).  We can also provide this service in bulk without labels.

We carry a wide variety of options to add to your mix, but don't carry turface.  Prices of the mix will vary by the components added.  you can also chose to use one of our existing mixes and we will place your label on it.

This service is subject to a minimum order quantity.


Soil Mixes - Bulk
Superfly Bonsai can provide a variety of soil mixes in bulk.  We can mix up as little as 32 gallons up to as much as you want.  These mixes can be shipped, but are ideal for local delivery or to be picked up at a show we will be attending in  your area.  Contact us for more details.


Thank You


Andy Youtz
Superfly Bonsai

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