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8" Ceramic Bonsai Tree Training Pots - 8 Options

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 Our 8" ceramic bonsai pots are all around 8" on the longer side. 

Clay pots have been used for centuries to keep bonsai roots safe and contained.  No product is better suited to pot your bonsai.  

These ceramic high fired pot are made out of clay then kiln fired to 2280 degrees.  High firing clay helps it stand up to winter conditions without a problem. Color may vary from light brown, to dark brown to a tan color, but they all are pretty close to as pictured.  Clay pots are breakable so if it is dropped or hit with a hard object it will likely break.  This pot is an economical yet high end solution to where your trees roots call home.  

Each pot includes tie down holes for wire and drainage holes that will need to be covered with bonsai repotting mesh when repotting.

All of our clay pots come in a protective box and are wrapped in bubble wrap to help ensure your pot makes it to you in one piece.

  • Kiln Fired to 2280 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Classic Design and Style That Works Well With Many Types Of Trees
  • Drainage and Wire Tie Down Holes In Every Pot
  • Boxed and Bubble Wrapped To Help Keep It Safe

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