Bonsai Drip & Humidity Tray With (Black Lava, Red Lava or White Pumice) - Brown Plastic Tree Tray - Great For Mica Pots

  • $14.99

Size:10.75 x 7.75 |  Color:Black Lava

Superfly Bonsai Humidity Drip Tray with Substrate



Our humidity and drip trays are perfect for nearly any sort of bonsai pot to provide a place for excessive water to drip into so you don't ruin your furniture or to keep full of water to help provide humidity around your tree.  Complete with substrate (black lava, red lava or white pumice) to steady and hide any water in the tray.

These trays are made of fairly heavy duty brown plastic.  They look great with out Mica pots and our ceramic pots.

We provide many sizes to accommodate most bonsai pots.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.75 x 7.75 X .75
  • Heavy Duty Dark Brown Plastic Works With Most Pots And Trees
  • Substrate To Cover The Bottom - Provides Great Aesthetics and Steadies Water
  • Feet to Raise the Perimeter of the Tray Off Table/Counter
  • Many Sizes To Choose From

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