Bonsai Fertilizer Baskets W/ Placement Spike - Bag of 10

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Our fertilizer baskets are perfect for our pellet fertilizers or if you go with the small size even our granular fertilizer.  Don't use our fertilizer?  You can use these baskets with most fertilizer including our imported Tosho and Tamahi Japanese Fertilizers. 

Directions:  Fill the basket, Snap the top shut then push the spikes into the bonsai soil towards the edge of the pot. 

Example:  For a 10" pot, 3 medium fertilizer baskets should be pushed into the soil at three locations around the perimeter of the pot..  After the fertilizer disappears simply pull the baskets, refill and place between where the fertilizer baskets were previously.  Repeat as necessary.

These are a deterrent to some animals such as chipmunks and squirrels.  Larger animals may be able to bite the baskets open and eat the contents.  The baskets make it hard to get to the fertilizer and the spikes help keep most animals from taking the fertilizer with them.

10 Baskets per set

Available in:
10 Small - 2" Long (including spike) x .875"
10 Medium - 2.25" Long (including spike) x 1.15"
10 Large - 2.5" Long (including spike) x 1.75"

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