Rudyban Tool - Bonsai Jin, Shari and Deadwood Carving Loop - Made In Italy

  • $50.00

The Rudyban carving tool is made by no other than Rudy, from Italy.  Rudy is a student of Professional Bonsai Master Mauro Stemberger.  Mauro made this tool super popular by using it on a regular basis.  This tool has quickly become one of the most important tools in many bonsai practitioners tool collection.

The Rudyban has a curved handle for a nice hand feel.  The blade is double sided and extremely sharp.  The blade takes a very long time to become dull, when it does simply start with the other side.  Removal of wood and especially bark from yamadori is simply with the Rudyban.  The wood type may vary slightly, but is usually the color shown or a slightly darker wood.  If you are looking for a deadwood tool for your tool kit, this should be the first purchase.

WARNING:  The blade is extremely sharp and double sided.  Do not use your thumb to push on the back of the blade, it will cut you.

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