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Japanese Bonsai Pot Drainage Mesh

  • $9.00

Professional Bonsai Repotting Drainage Mesh

This product is top of the line Bonsai repotting mesh that has been imported from Japan, where only the best bonsai materials will do.

This bonsai netting is a set of FIVE 4" x 12" heavy duty plastic screens that are the gold standard for bonsai repotting around the world.

Purpose Of Mesh
Bonsai pot mesh is used to prevent bonsai soil from falling through the bottom of a bonsai pot. While drainage of bonsai soil is important, you do not want to lose your soil as well.

How to use this product:
Cut a piece of bonsai mesh at least 1/4 inch larger on all side than the size of the hole you are attempting to cover. Fasten down with bonsai wire (see photo of pot).

  • Heavy Duty - This is not cheap, thin mesh. This is top quality and made just for the bottom of pots.
  • Imported From Japan - In japan, only the best bonsai materials will do. This is Japanese Quality Bonsai Repotting Mesh
  • Pack Of Five - You get 5 Full 4" x 12" screen sheets of potting mesh.
  • Small Holes - Holes are small to maintain proper sized bonsai soil yet allow drainage
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

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