Bonsai Raffia Tape

  • $12.00

Bonsai raffia tape is used over raffia to help support branches when bending.  When wrapped tightly and overlapping it provides significant additional structural support for branches and helps retain moisture which is thought to help the branch recover from the bend at a faster rate.

Raffia tape is meant to be applied over raffia and will self fuse to itself after several minutes.  Raffia tape will not stick to any part of the tree or you, only itself.  The tape can be stretched up to 300%.   Raffia tape will not get hard and crack like electrical tape and it can withstand extreme heat and cold.

Raffia tape is available in black, green, clear and red.  Each roll is 10' long and 1" wide.  When stretched you will get about 30' of tape.

Made in the USA!

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