Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend

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SuperFly Bonsai's Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix

This mix is perfect for succulents and cacti of most types.  When watered this soil stays wet for just the right amount of time before drying.  The components promote air to the root system which makes roots happy.  Happy roots = Happy Plants.  

Is It Dirt?
No. Most Succulents and Cactus do not like "dirt" and will in most cases die if left in dirt over long periods of time. This is substrate.

What Is In It?
The primary components are Pumice, Pine Bark, Blazed Clay and Haydite. These components have been found over time to provide the best drainage, water retention, nutrient retention and air circulation possible to promote healthy succulents and cacti.

- USA Pumice - is a volcanic byproduct that is excellent at retaining water and providing aeration.  Many plants can be grown in just pumice.

- New Zealand Radiata Pine Bark - this bark has proven to last many years in a pot without breaking down.  Pine bark helps hold water and nutrients that keep succulents and cacti happy.

- Blazed Clay - is a USA sourced clay that is fired in a rotary kiln.  The heat causes the clay to expand and become very porous.   It is excellent at retaining water, providing aeration and and it breaks down slowly over time allowing roots to grown in it's place.

- Haydite - (expanded shale) has the ability to absorb excess water then release it slowly back to the roots.  Haydite provides stability to the soil, retains some water and helps aerate the soil.

1.25 Qt = @ 6 Cups

  • Pre Mixed & Ready To Use - Sifted Prior To Bagging - Haydite, Blazed Clay, Pine Bark and pumice.
  • Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention - Specifically formulated for Succulent & Cactus
  • Non-Organic Mix - This mix is made up of primarily non-organic components (no dirt). This is really substrate. This has been found to provide optimal drainage, water retention, nutrient uptake and air to the roots (which they love).
  • Easy Zip Resealable Bag - Simply tear off the top then reseal the easy to close resealable bag over and over until you are ready to re-order soil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Robert Mangan (Santa Fe, US)

Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend

Gwen Walsh (Chagrin Falls, US)
Excellent Product!

I've been using this mix for the last several years. I absolutely love it! The best feature for's fast draining so it prevents me from overwatering my succulents and newly propagated plant cuttings. Plus it's re-usable!

My thriving succulents love 75% Superfly Bonsai plus 25% cactus soil. My cuttings love 50% Superfly Bonsai plus 50% fluval. While my succulents remain in the 75/25 blend indefinitely, I eventually transfer my newly rooted cuttings into a different medium once the roots are well established. That then allows me the opportunity to re-use the mix for my next set of cuttings.

It's a perfect product for me!

Brent Afinowicz (Dallas, US)
Outstanding as amendment or on its own

I love the uniformity of this mix and it's outstanding drainage with just the right water retention. I use this most often as an amendment to help add better drainage in my sub straight mix with an equal amount of coco coir/worm casting as a base media and use this in varying amounts depending on the needs of the plant being repotted.


Excellent product! My plants are at their best when I use this product.

Roxanna Dyrved (Dallas, US)

Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix - Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend


Ask a Question
  • I have 2 tiny succulents. How much soil should I buy

    The size of the plant does not matter, the size of the pot you want to fill is what matters.  I would guess that a 1.25q bag would be sufficient.

  • When transplanting new succulents from the nursery plastic grow pots to larger permanent planters does this Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix require additional potting soil and/or any additional nutrient mix?

    This requires no potting soil.

    Nutrients must be added if needed for your plant.  The soil will help you control water and fertilizer more efficiently than organic based soils.

  • It's noted that the bark is good for holding/retaining nutrients, but does it supply the nutrients, or should separate fertilizer be added to the soil? If so, is there any particular succulent fertilizer you recommend? thanks!

    The pine bark provides little nutrients and seperate fertilizer should be used.  We use in very small quantities.  If you purchase our fertilizer, be sure you use much smaller amounts than stated for bonsai (@ 1/4) and be sure you purchase the 5-7-4 as the 12-4-5 would be too strong for many cacti and succulents.  You just sprinke it on the soil and it will slow release over 30 - 45 days each time you water.  Other than that, most cacti and succulent fertilizers are pretty good that I have tried in the past.

  • Is this soil good for repotting a Yucca? And String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)? I am great with most plants but seem to be doing something wrong with the latter. What I do wonder about with this mix is why pine bark would be good for succulents: In nature they grow in completely different biomes. Thank you!

    This would be great for both.  I suggest a deeper rather than shallow pot as shallow pots hold moisture longer than deep pots and most succulents don't enjoey wet roots.

    The pine bark used in our mix is pretty unique as far as pine bark goes.  It is said that it will last up to 10 years in a pot so it has little degredation over time which helps maintain drainage.  The pine bark is added as the only organic componenent in the mix.  The bark helps hold water and makes it available to the roots.  The bark will stay wet while allowing the excess water to drain.  The pine bark also has the ability to hold nutrients longer than most of the other substrates used in this mix.

  • Is this soil good for San Pedro cactus?

    This would work well as it is very fast draining and dries pretty evenly.  The roots would not be moist for long periods of time.

  • I’m new to caring for succulents and recently bought some small ones from a greenhouse. They came in individual plastic containers filled in soil. When transferring them to a larger, more permanent pot with your soil, should I try to remove the plant from the soil it came in or should I use your soil to fill in the pot around the soil the plant is already rooted in. I’m worried about hurting the root system. Thanks!

    We usually remove the soil.  It is always dependent on the type of succulent, it's age and it's health at the time of repotting.  In general all of the roots can be cut off of a succulent and it will regrow them so damaging some roots while repotting should not be an issue.

  • Would this work well for Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi? Its my first succulent and I'm growing them from cuttings.

    This would work perfect as they like a substrate based soil that drains well.

  • is this soil good for a echeveria lilacina?

    This would be great for any echeveria.  Be sure to adjust your watering schedule accordingly as different soils dry at different rates.

  • Is this mix good for my Dragon tree plant?

    This will work for nearly any plant, it is just a question of how often you want to water.  This will stay wet for a few days at most while potting soil can stay wet for a week or more.  All plants love substrate based soil as long as you can properly water according to the plants needs.

  • How can I tell when the succulent & cactus soil mix is dry and my plant needs watered?

    Our succulent and cactus mix is perfect for succulents and cacti of most types. When watered, this soil stays wet for just the right amount of time before drying. The best way is to push your finger or a wood chopstick down 1/2" to 1" into the soil.  If it is still damp, don't water. You will get accustomed to the look of the soil when it needs watered, but until then it is best to check. Happy gardening!

  • Is this succulent and cactus mix good for a money tree?

    It would work great for a money tree!

  • Is this succulent and cactus soil mix be good for planting Lithops?

    The cactus and succulent mix is one of the bast cactus and succulent soils available for lithops as it is substrate based and drains well.  That being said, be sure they are planted in a deeper pot.  A shallow pot will stay wet too long. Our sister company, Deserted Oasis has a lithop mix that is specifically formulated for lithops.  It has a higher pumice content which helps keep it a little more dry.


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