Kiku Professionally Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire – Superfly Bonsai

Kiku Professionally Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire

  • $25.00

Kiku wire is striving to the the best copper bonsai wire available in America.  99.9% pure solid copper wire is professionally wound to the appropriate size/weight.  The wire is then taken to a professional metal alchemist that has been at it for over 40 years.  He not only specializes in metal alchemy, he is also an avid bonsai practitioner and determined to get his process coming out perfect every time.

Each coil is heated to the appropriate temperature then cooled through a proprietary process resulting in super soft copper that work hardens quickly.  Kiku is also determined to minimize scale for a safer and cleaner bonsai wireing experience.

Each roll is inspected and tagged with a Kiku label so you know the size and part number which makes it super easy to reorder.

There is a lot of cheaper wire available on the market, but little that combines the softness for easy application with the work hardening to hold branches in place.  If you are looking for the best copper on the market, look no further than Kiku Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire!


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