Premium Bonsai Tree Starter Seed Kit - Black Pine, Wisteria & Dawn Redwood With Wire & Pruning Sheares

  • $64.95

The Superfly Bonsai Tree Starter Kit includes three very popular and common bonsai trees seeds for you to love and grow to full bonsai trees.

Bonsai is an art of patients and you can learn over time with your tree. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you nurture a bonsai from seed to a show ready tree. This process will take many years, but you can create the exact tree you want when starting from seed. This kit is an excellent gift for a beginner that loves to grow things.

The Superfly Bonsai kit includes the seeds of Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Purple Wisteria and the Dawn Redwood. The kit was developed and instructions written by professional bonsai growers to give you the best chance possible for success. 

  • Seeds Included are Japanese Black Pine - Japanese Purple Wisteria - Dawn Redwood
  • Kit Developed and Instructions Written By Professional Bonsai Growers
  • Includes Seeds, Grow Pots, Bonsai Pots, Bonsai Pot Trays, Plant Markers, Fertilizer, Germination Soil, Bonsai Soil, Pruning & Wire Cutter Combo Shearers, 2 Rolls Kiku Premium Bonsai Wire
  • Three Of The Most Popular Bonsai Trees - Development Instructions For First 3-5 Years. 

  • Please Note: Finished Bonsai and Round Bonsai Pot Not Included.  Extra seeds are provided as not all seeds will germinate and grow - this is just nature.  Each batch of seeds is tested prior to shipping and germinate at 80% or higher.  Many factors can contribute to seeds not growing or plants not making it.  Superfly Bonsai is not responsible for seeds that do not germinate or plants that die.  We have taken every precaution possible to help you be successful with your bonsai kit.  To help with seeds that did not grow or trees that died, we created a seed replacement pack for $3.00 plus shipping to give it a try again.  If no seeds germinated, one of the variables necessary for germination is missing.  usually problems are due to temperature too high/low or moisture too wet/dry - normally dry is a bigger problem.  Find the replacement seed pack HERE.

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