Deluxe Bonsai Workstand & Turntable

Deluxe Bonsai Workstand & Turntable

  • $425.00

 The beautiful green color and cherry stained top enhance the Deluxe Workstand appearance while still retaining great features like 18" of rubber covered work surface and six eye screws to tie your work down. The turntable locks in position to keep your work from moving and the crank folds inside the diameter of work surface. The folding legs take up less floor space to allow you to get closer to your work. Using the crank, the heavy-duty gear box can adjust up to 180 lbs from 25" to 39" in height. An independent slide extension adds an additional 9" of overall height to the Workstand. Plastic feet are securely fastened to each leg to prevent marring. This item is shipped in two boxes and will ship seperately from the rest of your order.

The deluxe workstand is designed to be sat on the floor and easily allow you to rotate and raise/lower your bonsai.  This is the most portable of the floor models with hinged feet that allow the workstand to collapse.  The top can be removed in seconds and your off.

The crank controls a heavy duty crank case that allows you to jack your tree up and down with precision.  Each deluxe bonsai workstand has rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches and keep it from slipping.  This workstand utilizes a bearing system that allows it to spin easily and is perhaps one of the best turn tables available.  Each workstand has a locking mechanism that allows you to easily lock it from turning or with a few turns the opposite direction you can remove the top. 

The underside of the workstand features eye bolts that allow you to use bungee cords (not included) to hold you tree to the stand.  This is an extremely high quality workstand that is made right here in the United States.  Available with the standard top or a heavy duty top that is larger and can handle more weight.

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