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Japanese Hard Bonsai Akadama

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Akadama (red ball earth) is a volcanic byproduct mined exclusively in Japan. It is similar to clay with microscopic differences that make it ideal for bonsai use. Akadama is excellent as a component in bonsai soil as it retains nutrients. It also allows roots to grow through it and breaks down over time. Akadama is a key component in nearly all quality bonsai soils.
The shipping process will break down some of the akadama so it will need to be sifted prior to use. The fines in Akadama restrict aeration within bonsai soil so need to be removed prior to repotting. The fines can be saved and mixed with sphagnum moss to create muck which is commonly used in forest plantings.

Akadama Grain Sizes Available:
2.5mm - Extra Small Size - @ 1/32" - 1/8" - For Very Small Trees (Shohin, Mame)
5mm - Small - Standard Bonsai Use @ 1/16" - 1/4" - The Most Common Size
7mm - Medium - Most pieces @ 1/4" and 1/2" - Many Use It For Larger Trees and Some Pines
25mm - The largest Size, Most pieces @ 1/2" - 1"

Akadama Bag Sizes Available:
13 Liters - A full Japanese bag.  About 3.5 Gallons
18 Liters - A full large Japanese bag - Red and White Bag With Diamond at top

  • This is a hard quality Akadama imported from Japan - from the northern mine.
  • Akadama is a semi-hard substance that can be crushed in your hand.  It is softer when wet and harder when dry.  When dry it is nearly as hard as rock.
  • Perfect for growing Japanese Maples or for adding to your own bonsai mix
  • This product will need to be sifted prior to use to remove any fines that accumulate from the shipping process
  • Prior to shipping from japan this product was sieved to be the appropriate size.

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