Kiku Classic Angled 8" Bonsai Tweezers W/ Spade – Superfly Bonsai

Kiku Classic Angled 8" Bonsai Tweezers W/ Spade

  • $13.50

The 7" Kiku Classic With Angled Tweezers and Spade is the perfect tool to remove foliage, debris or other small items from your bonsai. Made from Stainless Steel, this tool will resist the elements and last for a very long time. Use the spade for repotting and helping get roots down in small areas of the pot. The textured grip helps prevent the tool from slipping in your hand while in use.

  • Large Size Angled Tweezers To Do Fine Detailed Work - Commonly Used To Remove Foliage
  • Stainless Steel To Last A Lifetime
  • Spade End Is Commonly Used For Repotting
  • Textured Handle Helps Prevent Slipping

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