OOF Odorless Organic Japanese Bonsai Fertilizer - Tosho Omakase

  • $23.00


Odorless Organic Fertilizer is imported from Japan and perfect for developed bonsai.  The fertilizer balls are applied to the soil then replaced about a month later.  Please be sure to remove the remainder after 1 month as the beneficial components are depleted.

OOF is odorless and organic which means they don't stink up the yard like some organic fertilizers.  Some have found that animals will leave OOF alone, but I highly suggest keeping an eye on children and pets that have access to OOF.

The NPK of 4-6-2 is great for developed bonsai  OOF contains Rapeseed Oil Meal, Soybean Meal, Fish Meal and Rice Bran.

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