Premium Bonsai Raffia - 8 oz

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SuperFly Bonsai's Premium Bonsai Raffia
After many years of doing bonsai I became frustrated with the quality of most raffia found in the USA.  Most raffia is super thin and sometimes only 2 feet in length.  This makes it very hard to cover all of the bark on trees.  I set out on a quest to find a better product both for myself and for the bonsai community.  Our premium raffia is the result of searching and testing dozens of different types of raffia trying to find the perfect product.

Our raffia generally is 3-5 feet in length and up to 1/2 inch in width.  This makes wrapping a branch a "snap" (not literally).

Each bag contains about 150 strands of raffia.  In most cases you will want to group from 3-5 pieces of raffia and tie the tops together.  Soak the strands in water for about 10 Minutes.  Wrap the raffia around the branch being careful to fully cover all bark and pull all raffia very tight.  Be sure to tie off the end when done.  Wire over the raffia and carefully bend the branch to the desired shape.

  • Longer and Wider than most raffia - Makes it easier to wrap branches prior to wireing.
  • The Finest Quality Raffia Imported From Madagascar
  • 5 Ounces is About 150 Premium Strand Of Raffia Per Bag - Enough For Many Branches
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - If you are not 100% happy with this product, we will refund you in full.

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